With over 30 years of marketing experience Outpost Communications has been a leader in delivering direct mail services to the RV and Truck Accessory Industries.
Now, more than ever, dealerships are reaching out to consumers in developing long lasting relationships.

Outpost Communications is the expert on designing the optimum, postcard, flyer or catalog to attract those consumers and bring them right to your door. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ marketing goals by creating marketing materials with valuable information and incentives that draw consumers and put them in touch with your business.

DIRECT MAIL is an investment in your company, dealership or shop. Please do not eliminate this vital means of reaching your buyers. With so many options for marketing why then is direct mail such a logical option for any marketing campaign?

      • The ability to target those prospects who are most likely to respond to your message
        (rv and truck owners/enthusiasts, age, territory, income, etc…mailed directly to their residence with promotions, new products, special events, etc…


      • Results that are tangible in that your message is delivered directly into the hands
        of your prospects and customers, not in your spam folder or inbox where it can be
        easily deleted.


      • Direct mail has stood the test of time compared to many other marketing approaches.
        It has produced a positive ROI for those companies implementing it and it continues
        to yield successful results in today’s market.